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Checkout a few sites of interest.

The following is a list of useful links that I have compiled. If you wish to be added to this list, please send me an e-mail to


Quick Snap Photographers

Whether you want to capture your family's precious milestones or get striking images to market a product, Quick Snap Photographers can make it happen. You can count on us to deliver what we promise.  With years of experience and a burning desire to offer our clients quality and professional service.  We offer both in-studio and on-location services. 

ARIZONA MEDICAL LIEN - Outsourcing to a professionally trained and Arizona Supreme Court certified medical lien recovery service is a profitable alternative in handling your personal injury patient accounts.

Liberty Bell Temple II 

This site is for legal California residents only.  Although it is against the law in most states, the medical use of marijuana is allowed under California State Law.  So, if you have valid California ID and a doctors card you can visit Liberty Bell Temple II.

Topps Logo Design 

Need a Logo?  Contact Ben Hill at or call 443-603-4698 Ben can help you create the image that will represent your company. Click here to see a sample of his work.

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